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Pagony Flycooler fly rug

Articlenumber: 40363
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Pagony rugs

Pagony rugs

  • Line 1 is the upperlength: the length of the horses back
  • Line 2 is the length that is measured to determine the lowerlength, this is measured from the middel of the chest (picture A) to the furthest part of the haunches (picture B)
  • Line 3 is the rug size (the lowerlength) derived from the lengthe from line 2

 Size chart Pagony rugs


Back length (line 1)

Measured length (line 2)

Rug size (line 3)

<90cm / <2.9ft

85cm - 2.7ft

 107cm - 3.5ft


91cm-100cm / 2.9ft - 3.9ft

 95cm - 3.1ft

 122cm - 4ft


101cm -110cm / 3.3ft - 3.6ft

 105cm - 3.4ft

 137cm - 4.5ft


111cm -120cm / 3.6ft - 3.9ft

 110cm - 3.6ft

 145cm - 4.8ft


121cm -127cm / 3.9ft - 4.2ft

 115cm - 3.8ft

 152cm - 4.9ft


128cm -133cm / 4.2ft - 4.4ft

 120cm - 3.9ft

 160cm - 5.2ft


134cm -140cm / 4.4ft - 4.6ft

 125cm - 4.1ft

 168cm - 5.5ft


141cm -151cm / 4.6ft - 4.9ft

 130cm - 4.3ft

 175cm -5.7ft


152cm -157cm / 4.9ft - 5.1ft

 135cm - 4.4ft

 183cm - 6ft


158cm -162cm / 5.1ft - 5.3ft

 140cm - 4.6ft

 191cm - 6.3ft


163cm -168cm / 5.3ft - 5.5ft

 145cm - 4.8ft

 198cm - 6.5ft


169cm -174cm / 5.5ft - 5.7ft

 155cm - 5.1ft

 206cm - 6.8ft


175cm -180cm / 5.7ft - 5.9ft

 165cm - 5.4ft

 213cm - 6.9ft


>181cm / >5.9ft

 170cm - 5.6ft

 218cm - 7.1ft



Pagony is innovative, high-quality and price-conscious! Pagony products are suitable for everyday use at an attractive price .

Pagony originated in 1992 from years of experience in the design and manufacturing of equestrian equipment, passion for horses and a good sense of trends.
The results are impressive. A special collection of products that meet all the requirements for the horse and the rider for every budget, both practical and fashionable

Several times a year, new products added to the collection, after that you wil find them within a few days in your favorite equestrian shop. Pagony staff are continuously looking at what the market demands, after a carefull selection the production of quality products at a reasonable price is started. But we certainly do not want to lose sight of the ultimate goal, comfortable, safe and ease of use whilst you are on the road with your horse .

Pagony also considers it important that products are produced responsibly. We shall ensure that the people who make the products in a safe and clean environment to work at a fair reward. We strive for quality at a fair price. We also use durable materials so the products last longer and we are not wasting unnecessary.

Pagony , innovative, qualitatively good and price-conscious !


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